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Know the Risk. Plan Ahead.

 Contact Barr Excavating today for a consultation on your options for making your property Fire Safe. Wildfires are dangerous and destructive but with effective Fire Risk Management practices, you can lower the risk of damage to your home, property and community. We have the equipment and knowledge to use many techniques:

• Fire Access Roads  •  Removing Underbrush  •  Tree Thinning  •  Roadside Maintenance  •  Masticating  • Tree Limbing and Pruning • Land Clearing  • Utilizing FX26 Forest Mulcher


Fire Fuel Reduction

Fire Fuel Reduction is a process proven to lessen the impact of wildfires by removing excess vegetation. This practice aids firefighters manage the severity of damage to property, structures, loss of life and helps them protect our communities. Barr Excavating knows the fine line between having too much vegetation in close proximity to a structure, and too little. Too much vegetation may result in what is called a Crown Fire, which is a fire that escalates from ground brush and travels to the treetops. Crown Fires are dangerous and incredibly hard for Firefighters to contain but with effective Fire Risk Management practices, you can lower the risk of catastrophic wildfires. 


"Should I clear my whole property?" some may ask. The answer is NO.

If there isn’t enough shrubs and trees, it could result in expedited grass growth. Excess grass is highly flammable in dry conditions and allows wildfires to travel quickly, potentially increasing the risk of damage. 


For more information on the hazard of fire fuels, click HERE


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